How can Managed IT Services Providers Help Ensure CMMC Compliance?
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The internet has no doubt played a catalytic role in accelerating technological development. But no one can deny that access to the internet has also facilitated delinquent people with means to commit cybercrimes and data thefts. Every organization dealing with sensitive information should have a robust cybersecurity framework. With the increase in cybercrime rate, the U.S Department of Defense has made it mandatory for DoD contractors and subcontractors to comply with CMMC, NIST 800 171, and other Cybersecurity standards.

This blog has covered essential aspects of Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification and how Managed IT services providers can help organizations secure CMMC.

What Is the CMMC?

In 2020, after years of deliberate planning and assessment, the Department of Defense released Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification or CMMC. The CMMC is composed of several cybersecurity models and controls already present in DFARS, FISMA, NIST 800 171. In the CMMC, all the compliance processes have been merged into a single certification process for the DoD contractors and subcontractors.

The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification’s prime objective is to certify DoD contractors who have implemented a cybersecurity framework in their organization and taken all necessary measures to protect sensitive information. Every contractor and subcontractor bidding for government contracts will soon have to get CMMC certified from CP3AOs or autonomous Third-Party Assessment Organizations.

The contractors will be evaluated on five CMMC levels:

Level 1: Basic Cyber Hygiene

Level 2: Intermediate Cyber Hygiene

Level 3: Good Cyber Hygiene

Level 4: Proactive

Level 5: Advanced/Progressive

The five CMMC levels build upon each other. Meaning, to get to Level 2, the organization must achieve Level 1 compliance, and so forth. This approach is adopted because more small-sized subcontractors with limited resources are at higher risk of cybersecurity dangers than prime contractors.

The Department of Defense has estimated that by the year 2025, at least 479 contractors would include Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification clauses in their agreements. The number of certified contractors is calculated to go up by 48,000 contractors. Contractors and subcontractors working directly and indirectly with the Department of Defense must take appropriate actions to secure all five certificates. However, the process can prove confusing and complex for many small-size subcontractors. This is where firms offering managed IT services for government contractors help.

How Can Managed IT Services Help?

Large companies and organizations have enough resources and workforce to implement necessary measures to be CMMC compliant. It’s the small-sized contractors and subcontractors who experience difficultly in complying with cybersecurity standards. By hiring a managed IT services provider, such contractors can reap the benefits of expert cybersecurity solutions.

Most MSP are aware of the CMMC compliance requirements. They also understand that small-scaled government contractors lack the resources to fulfill compliance requirements. MSPs are experts at conducting thorough readiness assessments and identifying the gaps in the contractor’s current cybersecurity measures. They can guide the contractor on what all amendments would be required to secure the CMMC compliance.…

All you need to know about Data Backup and Recovery

A backup or a data backup is a copy of your computer data stored anywhere else, which may be used later in data loss from a computer. In the technology-driven era, data is one of the many vital things in businesses. Companies have the power to collect every detail of the business and measure the data in simple ways. A business’s success depends on how well a company is at collecting data, organizing data, and backing it up. Therefore, data backup and Recovery are crucial elements of running a successful business. Planning and putting data backup into place through proper IT support consultant is significant for companies to prevent worst things from happening. Data recovery becomes problematic when the worst happened, resulting in the loss of sensitive data that belongs to the business.

Data backup & Recovery

Data backup and Recovery means backing up your business data in a loss and setting up specific programs that allow you to recover your organization’s lost data. For data backup, copying and archiving computer data is required to make it accessible in data loss. The only way you can recover old data is to have a backup of all the lost data. Data backup is a form of disaster recovery which makes it a vital part of any disaster recovery plan. Although, Backups of your data are unable to restore all of your system’s settings and data. Database servers, active directory servers, or computer clusters may need additional disaster recovery types. Only one backup and Recovery may not restore them altogether, even with an IT support specialist. You can backup a significant amount of data today on cloud storage; thus, backing up your data in the hard drive of a local system or external storage is not essential. Additionally, you can use cloud technologies and set up your mobile device to automatically recover your important data.

Backup vs. Recovery

Backup is the copy of the original data that the organization can use in case of loss of data or database failure. Recovery is the process of restoring the backups or database into the system after a failure occurs.

Backup is the representative copy of data and has significant elements such as control files and data files. A backup of the entire database of the business is required as database failures are unexpected and inevitable. There are two ways you can back up your important data;

  • The physical backup includes a copy of all the database, such as log files, control files, data, and archived redo files. It is a duplicate of the file that stores the information in the database in another location than the original and establishes a database recovery mechanism base.
  • On the other hand, a logical backup consists of the logical data taken from the database and consists of procedures, tables, functions, views, etc. A logical backup only provides structural information and therefore is not recommended alone.

Recovery of the backup helps you in restoring the lost data in its original state. Your database’s reliability increases as it allows itself to recover to its consistent state even after a sudden failure.…

The reasons why you should start digital marketing

In order to achieve massive success in business, marketing plays a vast and significant role. Until recent years, traditional marketing was the only known basic marketing process. Things have changed since digital marketing came into play. Earlier, digital marketing was considered to be just a different way to the market. But in the few years, it has gained remarkable trust and reliability.

With the world becoming more digital every day and everything we do is linked to the internet, digital marketing has an unambiguous significance. Here are some reasons why you should start digital marketing for the growth of your business and hire a digital marketing agency Virginia.

  1. Your customers use digital platforms regularly: According to research, 79% to 82% of customers use searches, websites, and reviews before purchasing a product/service. Thus, it is evident that customers look for the required product and services like yours using their mobile phones or desktops. Browsing online has become a prominent step when buying something. You may miss the opportunity to reach your customers if you do not take part in digital activities.
  2. Digital Marketing is easily affordable and effective: One of the most significant advantages that follow digital marketing is that it is priced reasonably and leads to an impressive ROI to businesses. Through digital marketing, you can use various mediums like social media, email, SEO-optimized content marketing, etc. Content marketing is said to cost less than half of traditional marketing.
  3. Digital & traditional marketing in concurrence: If you think you cannot use both marketing forms, here’s good news. You can use traditional marketing techniques like advertising on television or in the newspaper to raise brand awareness. Through digital marketing techniques like SEO and social media, you can provide more value to your target audience on digital platforms. In this way, you can make the best of both the marketing techniques by using excellent strategies, giving your business’ ROI the boost it deserves and maximizing the results.
  4. It helps you keep in touch with your customer: Mostly, the traditional marketing techniques enable one-way communication where the customers cannot communicate with the business. Digital marketing helps in establishing two-way communication in real-time. You can interact with customers and address their queries and concerns effectively without any delay. This interaction leads to establishing trustworthy relationships with the customers of the business and through quality consumer engagement.
  5. Digital marketing increases your reach: Traditional marketing effectively reaches the local audience through radio or television ads. However, if you wish to target or reach out your business to a new audience on a large scale, digital marketing is what you should opt for. Digital marketing has made it very easy to reach out to a larger audience. You can reach out specifically to a geographical location like ‘digital marketing Virginia Beach’ and also to an audience globally. This is possible because of the diverse reach of social media, search engine marketing, tailored content, and the increasing engagement of customers.

Digital marketing makes it easy to monitor how the digital campaigns are performing. This makes it easy for marketers to analyse what works the best for their campaigns. If you wish for your business to keep up with the market, you need to keep up with your market trends. You need to be where your customers and competitors are. You need to be online.…